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Web and Network Systems

BTCG provides the following solutions related to web development and network systems:

Collaboration Systems

  • Allow employees to communicate and collaborate using standard internet browsers.
  • Ease of use ensures quick adoption and fast return on investment.
  • Built-in security with mature administration tools lets organizations fine tune access and rights without compromising sensitive data.
Rich Internet Clients
  • Provide immediate responses and smooth transitions between tools, modes, states, displays, and other focal points within the application.
  • Users remain in control at all times and can complete their work in the manner most convenient for them.
  • Provide simplified management and low life-cycle cost.

Portal Systems

  • Web-Based Executive Information Systems
  • Real-Time Data
  • User-Customizable Experience Tailored to Individual Needs
Network Design And Implementation
  • Performance Optimization
  • WIFI Implementation and Security
  • Turn Key Network and Multimedia Solutions


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